Our Story

Hello to All,

Thank you so Much for stopping by and visiting adambeardsinging.com. As you can tell by now I love to sing. I have sang sense I was 3 years old. I started singing songs like, Midnight Cry, Step Into The Water, He is here at a early age. I fell in Love with Southern Gospel music. This music just inspires me so much. I have always said that the lyrics in Southern Gospel music is clearer than any other music I ever heard. I like different types of music but Southern Gospel is what I love and what I sing.

When I was 8 Years old, On a Saturday night around 11:00pm . I asked my Mom about what it meant to be saved. She started telling me about Jesus and I told My Mom that I wanted to be Saved and I wanted to be a Christian , We knelt beside Mom and Dads Bed and I prayed the sinners prayer and asked Jesus to come in my heart and saved me. It has been the best and most important decision I have ever made. Accepting Jesus at a early age as definitely helped me get through certain situations. 


In 2007 I had the privilege of making my first CD. It was titled "God's Word will stand". There was a couple in a church that I used to go to, that felt led to help me make a CD. John & Linda Moore. They were very nice people that wanted to help me get started. They helped me and in April of 07' "God's word will stand" came out. I started singing in churches all around Lincoln County, Catawba County and as Far up as Maryland and as Far down as SC. I have continued to sing all over, I have had the opportunity to Sing with some of the finest in southern gospel music. Gold City, The Hoppers, Michael Combs, The Greens, Mike and Kelly Bowling, The Florida Boys, Dennis Benton, The Anchorman, The Dove Brothers, Ivan Parker, The Pathfinders, Heart 2 Heart, We R Forgiving, The Harvesters,etc... I'm sure there are more... 


In early 2016 , I felt that the Lord was wanting me to make another CD, with the help of a few people very dear to my heart, it happened!  I made my 2nd Cd in 2016 entitled "Faithful to the End".  Thanks to Rushings Winds Studio in Dallas NC for a Great Job and also Paul Rogers from Stanley NC for doing a awesome job on the project.


Im now Singing more than ever, I have met so many people over the years, I wanted to personally Thank Dennis Benton for allowing me to sing on his Cruise he has ever year in Jan/Feb time frame. He has helped me get concert dates and what a awesome person he is. He is also a awesome T-shirt guy as well, Oh and by the way he is the person I get my shirts from that I sell at my concerts. So if you need some , He is your contact.


I want to especially thank my wife for being supportive of me singing, Sometimes I'm away from my family and she keeps it together why I'm gone and I'm very thankful and blessed for that. It takes a lot to sing away and still be the Daddy and Husband your suppose to be. God has blessed us and Our family and I'm Thankful for that. 


I have a contact page you can fill out on here but If you need me for any reason or would like to book me for a Wedding , Funeral or concert... You can call 980-241-2143 or email me mr.adambeard@yahoo.com or you can use the contact tab on my website. 


God Bless You!